Robert Large

Andover Car Mechanic

Robert Large has been at the Old Coach works for 5 years now since May 2008, Roberts experience started with a 5 year apprenticeship at Henley’s in Winchester passing with distinctions and credits, as a qualified mechanic he moved to Park garage and gained further experience with Dave Vickers before moving on to Hill Farm garage and then settled at a local body works company for 18 years before he moved to Approach at Andover. Robert Large Andover Car Mechanic, Services Include, Car Servicing, MOT, Restoration and Accident Damage.

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Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspection is a procedure mandated by national or subnational governments in many countries, in which a vehicle is inspected to ensure that it conforms to regulations governing safety, emissions, or both.


Diagnostic Services

You don’t have to go to a main dealer for a Diagnostic Services, you can use a local garage for the purposes of servicing and engine problems, simply make an appointment and drop the vehicle off with us and we will deal with any issues.


MOT Inspection

There are vehicle upgrades that are both functional and can be found for under £100. Our customer find that a simple service can improve the Performance of your vehicle and a simple service won’t run up your credit card bill to excess.


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